Smart scheduling to optimise resources and latency on far edge, edge and cloud

Edge computing brings to applications orchestration additional requirements such as local data processing, lower network latency

Dynamic migration of microservices between Cloud and Edge

Following previous articles posted on this blog about new operational models, microservices orchestration in Edge and Cloud, and SLAs use, this blog entry presents one of the main features implemented in Pledger during the last year: the offloading of microservices at runtime from Edge to Cloud or from Cloud to Edge based on SLAs and a continuous QoS monitoring.


Nikolaos Kapsoulis, Innov-Acts Ltd, November 26th, 2021

Edge infrastructure for smarter cities

Nowadays, cities are facing the challenge of providing new services to their citizens raised from emerging solutions related to mobility, security, energy and others. Those services require cities to become more agile in detecting and respond to events. This need can be achieved by adapting to their environment in real time bringing computational capabilities closer when and where those events occur. This provides a flexible city infrastructure that can be scaled and balanced to provide the demanding low latencies, reliability and bandwidth.


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